Virus & Malware Removal

It's hard to keep up with the latest threats, and it's even harder to find a reliable IT service provider that won't overcharge.

Most business owners don't have time or money for an IT company they can trust. But there is another option - Jim's I.T. We are committed to providing quality services at affordable prices. Our technicians are equipped with the tools necessary to protect your computers from viruses and malware, so you can focus on running your business.

When you partner with us, we will provide all of the protection needed for your computers in one easy monthly payment – no long-term contracts required! And if any issues do arise, our techs will be available around-the-clock to respond quickly and efficiently. Seriously - we're always just a phone call away!

If you suspect you're under attack CALL NOW: 131 546

Jim's I.T Removes Malware From Your Computer

Of course, we’re here to help if this happens. However, we don’t want to help you with this issue unless it is absolutely necessary. Prevention is the best medicine, so if you do not have virus protection software installed on your machine or your network, then go, do this now.

If installing virus protection is more than you can do, or you want the peace of mind of expert installation, call us. Our Expert Techs will be dispatched to your home or office, probably the same day you call, and will install the virus and malware protection your computer requires. You will have the security of knowing you and those you email with and share a network with are safe.

  • Virus Removal

    We have the tools and anti-virus software to remove everything malicious from your computer. It’s what we do at Jim’s.

  • Operating System Repair

    Sometimes removing the virus doesn’t repair the damage that was done. We take care of that, too, so your OS is running smoothly again.

  • Update & Patch Software

    Since it is likely your computer caught the virus at a suspicious website or through an email, we will make sure this doesn’t happen again by either updating your virus software, replacing it if it’s inadequate, or installing it if you’ve never had it.

We fix, deal & partner with all major computer brands

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Eliminate your Melbourne computer challenges with smart solutions.

Don’t let your slow computer, network downtime or cybersecurity breaches bring your business to a halt. The Jim's Melbourne computer repairs team has the solutions you need to stay up and running – efficiently and securely.

  • Fixed Pricing

    All quotes are free and fixed prices. We may charge to inspect the problem so we can quote accurately.

  • Same Day Service

    You can request on-site same-day service before 10 am.
    We'll have a technician at your door that very same day!

  • No Fix No Fee

    If we can't fix the problem or offer you a solution then there is nothing to pay.

Book a Melbourne computer repair technician today on 131 546!

IT Support & Repairs For Home, Business & Education

In today's sophisticated and ever-changing technology landscape, issues can pop up anywhere. Jim's I.T team has the solutions for whatever tech challenges you're facing.

Apple Support & Repairs

  • Mac OS Problems

  • Mac Running Slow

  • System Upgrades / SSD Upgrade

Computers & Laptops

  • Desktops & laptop computer repairs

  • Virus, running slow or just wont turn on

  • New computer builds & setup

iPads & Tablets

  • Apple, Samsung & other brands

  • New device setup

  • Wifi network & apps

Printers & Scanners

  • Printer setup & installation

  • Scanner setup

  • WiFi print & network

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Dropbox, Google cloud setup

  • Data recovery

  • Local backups

Privacy & Security

  • Security software & antivirus

  • WiFi & network security

  • Privacy settings & apps

WiFi & Networking

  • Wireless network setup

  • Slow internet troubleshooting

  • Home network setup

Photos & Media

  • Cloud backup & restore photos

  • Access & sharing

  • Security offline backups

TVs & Smart Homes

  • Smart TV & streaming setup

  • Google & Apple TV smart home

  • WiFi, privacy & security


  • Email setup & management

  • Email backup & recovery

  • New email account creation

Internet NBN & IPTEL

  • Residential & Business NBN

  • Unlimited Internet

  • Unlimited calls local, national & mobile

Website Design Service

  • Custom Built Websites

  • Hosting Support & Maintenance

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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How can I tell if my computer has been infected by a virus?

There are several ways to tell:

- Your computer is running a lot slower than it used to.
- You have a persistent error message.
- There is difficulty in accessing your files.
- Your friends and other contacts are receiving emails you never sent.

Additionally, your internet service provider (ISP) may kick you off, so you don’t damage their network.

I’m pretty sure my computer’s been infected. What now?

Call Jim’s, of course!

The sooner you call us, the sooner our Expert Tech’s are there to mitigate the damage, like file damage or data loss.

On-Site Computer Repairs Melbourne

We provide the most promising IT repair service to our clients across Melbourne, Victoria. More often than not your computer gets infected or experiences an unintentional fall, which may lead to internal or external damage. Fret not! We have you covered, a computer technician from us will make your life easier. We can repair and service PC desktops, Laptops and Mac computers. Also, we can configure your home and office network as per your requirements.

  • Give us a call

    Give us a call to identify your issue and schedule a time to visit onsite.

  • Onsite Visit

    Our computer technicians will visit at your home or business location

  • Problem Fixed

    Resolve your personal or business computer troubles with our PC repairs.

What our clients are saying about us…

Read a few of the many reviews on Jim's I.T services.

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Speak to your local computer technician right now on 131 546!

About Jim's I.T - Melbourne Computer Repairs

Jim's I.T, computer repairs Melbourne is a mobile company and we visit you at your home or office, whenever is convenient for you. Our Melbourne computer repairs team aims for same-day repairs of home and business computers. We offer desktop PC repairs and laptop repair service and strive to come out to your home or business on the same day of your call, if before 10 am. We will tackle a new PC installation and deal with viruses and malware issues, email problems or just a slow computer. We also offer basic computer tuition, IT support packages for Melbourne businesses and website design and maintenance services.

These days our clients like their problems solved quickly and efficiently and that’s where our same day computer repair service is best utilised.

Rather than waiting days to get your equipment back from a local computer repair shop, our computer repair specialists, based in Melbourne, come to you. We can fix 95% of all repairs – hardware problems, software errors, virus removal, setting up new machines, apple mac repairs – at your home or business, the same day.

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