Printers & Scanners

It is very common that when your printer starts showing any problem or starts to malfunction, the frustration begins. But by calling Jim's I.T, it can be repaired immediately to prevent more significant issues from arising. We often can offer same day service to help stop downtime that affects your employees. Our printer repair services are widely available for all types of brands.

When you call us, one of our friendly staff will ask you a few questions about your printer problem and then dispatch a technician to your premises within 2 hours. Our technicians carry a wide range of spare parts, so they can usually fix the issue on the spot. If not, we have a fast turnaround time on parts so we can get your printer up and running as quickly as possible.

For businesses that rely heavily on their printers, we also offer a priority same-day printer servicing in Melbourne, which guarantees that a technician will be dispatched within 1 hour. We understand that time is precious for businesses, so that's why we go above and beyond to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service.

  • General Clean & Servicing

  • Fix minor printer repairs

  • Adjust The Lubricant And Moving Parts

  • Printer Setup & Installation

  • Scanner Setup

  • Wifi Print & Network

Qualified Service, Repair And Installation Technicians Have Confidence That You’re Dealing With The Most Trusted IT pressionals in Melbourne

Jim's I.T provides full printer repair facilities as well as service technicians who provide on-site printer repair services for any problem. Our technicians are highly-trained, which means you don’t have to worry about printer repair issues getting worse. At Jim's I.T we can monitor your printer fleet and offer an all-inclusive solution for your printer needs. As your single vendor, we will take care of break/fix service, supplies, and provide a single bill per month, reduction in costs, and allocated printers to save you money. Our technicians offer quarterly preventive maintenance checks too.

We fix, deal & partner with all major computer brands

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Eliminate your Melbourne computer challenges with smart solutions.

Don’t let your slow computer, network downtime or cybersecurity breaches bring your business to a halt. The Jim's Melbourne computer repairs team has the solutions you need to stay up and running – efficiently and securely.

  • Fast, Efficient and Reliable Printer Repair Service

    Our experienced team of reliable engineers can provide a first class, on-site, printer scanner repair service, copier repair to both businesses and home users.  By quickly identifying the problem, we can help to ensure that any issues you may be experiencing, are resolved right away, giving you a fast turnaround time.  Jim's I.T is able to cover a wide range of problems, such as slow printing, print quality issues, paper jamming or hardware & software faults.

  • All Makes and Models Covered

    We specialise in repairing all types of printers and copiers from all major manufacturers. Some examples include Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, Epson, HP, Brother, WP, Recho, TVS, Xerox and more. Furthermore, we cover all models and types of photocopier and printer, including multifunction machines, colour, and mono laser jets, dot-matrix, wide formats to name but a few.

  • Reliable, Expert Technicians

    Our licensed and certified technicians are experts in repairing numerical printer codes and hardware malfunctions; they are 100% committed to resolving equipment issues correctly the first time, and with minimal downtime.

  • Fixed Pricing

    All quotes are free and fixed prices. We may charge to inspect the problem so we can quote accurately.

  • Same Day Service

    You can request on-site same-day service before 10 am. We'll have a technician at your door that very same day!

  • No Fix No Fee

    If we can't fix the problem or offer you a solution then there is nothing to pay.

Book a Melbourne computer repair technician today on 131 546!

IT Support & Repairs For Home, Business & Education

Issues can pop up anywhere in today's sophisticated and ever-changing technology landscape, issues can pop up anywhere. Jim's I.T team has the solutions for whatever tech challenges you're facing.

Apple Support & Repairs

For all problems relating to Apple Mac computers, Jim's I.T is the place to call. We can handle anything, including:

  • Mac OS Problems

  • Mac Running Slow

  • System Upgrades / SSD Upgrade

  • Optimisation

Computers & Laptops

We’re here to help, whether you’re on the go or have a home setup. Leave the job to us and you’ll be up and running in no time at all. Our services cover:

  • Desktops & laptop computer repairs

  • Virus protection

  • Operating system is running slow or won’t turn on

  • New computer builds & setup

  • System/RAM/SSD/HDD upgrades

iPads & Tablets

For those looking to keep their work and entertainment on the go, a dedicated tablet service is essential. That’s why we service:

  • Apple, Samsung & other brands

  • New device setup

  • Wifi network & apps

  • Fault finding/troubleshooting

  • Upgrades, repairs, and advice

Printers & Scanners

No workplace is complete without a reliable printer and scanner. That’s why we make it our mission to solve any and all problems in that region. We offer:

  • Printer setup & installation

  • Scanner setup

  • WiFi print & network

  • General repairs

Data Backup & Recovery

Be in control of your data with Jim's I.T today. Don’t risk losing any important information, especially at work. We’ll help you have a reliable recovery system in place, focusing on:

  • Cloud setup — Dropbox, Google, Apple, etc.

  • Data recovery

  • Local backups

  • Advice on how to stay on top of backups and fail safes

Privacy & Security

There’s nothing more important than internet privacy and security in today’s day and age. At Jim's I.T, we’ll ensure that you’re never caught unawares, ensuring that your data is safe from prying eyes. We cover:

WiFi & Networking

Get connected and stay online to get your work done and enjoy some well-needed entertainment. When you call Jim's I.T, you’ll make sure that you have:

Photos & Media

Keep track of your greatest memories by safely backing up your photos or sharing your media across devices with help from Jim's I.T. You’ll have access to:

  • Cloud backup

  • Access & sharing of photos and media

  • Secure offline backups

  • Methods for data restoration

TVs & Smart Homes

What’s better than having complete control of all your devices? With a press of a button, you’ll have access to all your media and other smart devices. Keep your TV up to date and your smart home smart with Jim's I.T services.

  • Smart TV & streaming setup

  • Google & Apple TV smart home

  • WiFi, privacy & security

  • Smart home device setup

  • General IT services and support


Having email problems can be more than just annoying, it can actively get in the way of your workflow and mean the difference between securing a client and losing a deal. Jim's I.T will take your worries away.

  • Email setup & management

  • Email backup & recovery

  • New email account creation

  • Troubleshooting


At Jim's I.T, we make sure that you’re always online and able to work or enjoy entertainment uninterrupted. Our IT support covers:

  • Residential & Business NBN

  • Unlimited Internet

  • Unlimited calls local, national & mobile

  • Installation and repairs

Website Design Service

Having a functional and reliable website is essential for aspiring and current business owners. The problem comes with creation, maintenance and SEO issues. We help get your business on track with expert website design and maintenance services at Jim's I.T.

  • Custom Built Websites

  • Hosting Support & Maintenance

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Celebrating 20 years in business, we've been seen on...

Wi-Fi printer scanner network setup

Printers and scanners are helpful tools for the home and office. But getting them setup and running smoothly isn’t always easy. We make sure it’s all setup properly in your home or office, so it can be accessed from all the devices you want to print from. This includes:

- Wireless printer setup, so you can print directly from your iPhone or iPad
- Multi-function printer setup – eg: get all the print, photocopy, fax and scan functions working properly
- Automated scanning to PDF setup, a very useful setting that will save you a lot of time
- Setup a separate scanner if you’ve purchased one of these

We’ll walk you through the printing and scanning processes step-by-step, so you’ll have no issues operating the printer yourself. Lastly, if your printer or scanner is playing up, we can troubleshoot the issue and fix the machine.

On-Site Computer Repairs Melbourne

We provide the most promising IT repair service to our clients across Melbourne, Victoria. More often than not your computer gets infected or experiences an unintentional fall, which may lead to internal or external damage. Fret not! We have you covered, a computer technician from us will make your life easier. We can repair and service PC desktops, Laptops and Mac computers. Also, we can configure your home and office network as per your requirements.

  • Give us a call

    Give us a call to identify your issue and schedule a time to visit onsite.

  • Onsite Visit

    Our computer technicians will visit at your home or business location

  • Problem Fixed

    Resolve your personal or business computer troubles with our PC repairs.

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