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Jim’s Group started as a part-time gardening business while Jim Penman completed his PhD in history. It went full time in 1982 and was franchised in 1989. Currently, there are nearly 4,000 Franchisees in four countries, and growing at the rate of around 200 per year. Jim’s Group also boasts one of Melbourne’s best conference centres which is used for meetings, functions and training for Jim’s franchisees and staff.

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How it started

There is no company owned businesses and all work is done by licensed operators and Franchisees. Franchisor rights are also privately held and all Divisions, except Mowing, are partnerships with individuals experienced in those industries.

Jim is the owner and full-time CEO of Jim’s Group. He is happily married with ten children, loves his work and has no plans to retire – ever!

For all the business success he has enjoyed over the years, Jim Penman remains remarkably unassuming. At the start of the interview, when Wealth Creator asks to confirm his correct business title, he has no idea. He has to pull out his business card, which says he is a director.

“It’s funny though when you own a business,” he said. “You don’t ever introduce yourself as a director, or CEO or founder or anything like that. I just say “I’m Jim” and that is usually enough.”…As written in Wealth Creator Magazine.

want to be part of jim’s family?

We have a passion for customer service, and for this we need the best people. Our selection system
rejects hundreds of potential Franchisees per year. We look for people with high standards who take
pride in their work.

Since 1989

Jim's is a well know brand for over 25 years

Save Time

Start ahead of your competition with pre-existing clients

Ongoing support

We are with you every step of the way. Jim's offer everything you need to start your business.

Training Seminars

Franchisors provide ongoing support through regular meetings and one on one business coaching.

Enjoy A Better Life!

Almost 4000 Thriving Franchisees in Four Countries Use “Jim’s System” To Grow their Sales and Revenue…

Satisfaction Guarantee

All over the World

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